Owner & Operator Josh Powell

Owner & Barber Josh Powell

It all started when I was a little boy. Grandpa Powell would line up his grandsons and keep our hair straight. As the second youngest of 8 grandson’s I had to wait to next to last to get my hair cut @ Grandpa’s Barber Shop.

Years later, I found myself stuck in a dead end retail job. 7 years of my life spent staring at a paint shaker. Contemplating what to do with my life I remembered Grandpa’s Barber Shop. Grandpa was a huge part of my life. I wanted to do something as a tribute to him. Something he would be proud of.

I signed up for barber school shortly thereafter and had never cut hair before that. I found my passion. 6 months after I graduated I was very successful at a busy local shop.  Due to my success, the owner of the barber school actually called me up and brought me in as an instructor!

Thousands of haircuts later it was time to move to Florida to be closer to my family. Seriously, Illinois winters versus Florida winters why did I wait so long?

Taking it to the next level we are giving even more tribute to Grandpa by introducing the Powell Barber Shop. Grandpa was very particular and so are we. “Whatever you do, give it your all.” Come in and check us out for the best haircut in Melbourne.