Powell’s Barber Shop is the best barber shop in Melbourne, FL for men and boys with all kinds of barbering, haircut and men’s grooming needs. We’re a classic gentlemen’s barber shop offering all the services you’d expect for mens grooming — but can’t find at those chain places:

  • Men’s and boys haircuts
  • Flat tops
  • Fades
  • Tapers
  • Beards
  • Classic Styles
  • Military Styles
  • Straight Razor Shaves
  • Hot & cold towels

*** Each haircut is punctuated with a Straight Razor hot lather neck shave and Hot Towel Service ***

We use a fully equipped station with a wide assortment of scissors, electric razors, straight razors and hot foam lather to provide you with great services such as straight razor neck shaves, edge-ups and beard trims. You simply don’t find that at unisex hair salon chains these days. At Powell’s Barber Shop you can find a wide selection of hair care products. Just ask  for best haircare product for you.Regardless of your personal style, we treat and understand all kinds of looks from classic to progressive.

Affordable. Friendly. Accommodating. We understand all kinds of hair, all ethnicities and particular needs. We work with you on your personal style or trying something new. After all, it’s your hair!

We welcome walk-ins or make an appointment to come at a time that makes sense for your busy schedule.


Stay Fresh. Look Your Best. With Powell’s Barber Shop!